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Deltacipta Saranapromosi is a factory that produces various kinds of promotions as an instruments of souvenirs and reminders for your needs, such as; shirts, T shirts, polo shirt, jackets, vests, various bags, hats and demo board.

We work together with our client to ensure their company image is represented to the highest possible standard. We can do printing, embroider on to most promotional products.

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Partner satisfaction is a priority & key to success. Deltacipta aims to build a highly flexible partnership with partners. Deltacipta will always stand by to support all partner's request.
Fauzi Bustami
Founder & CEO of DCSP

Provide one stop solution for all your clothing needs.

20 Years Experience

PT Deltacipta Saranapromosi

Just show your design, we can produce it.

Starting from a local shop in Bendungan Hilir, called Delta Sport. This shop provides all equipment specifically for sports equipment. Because the demand for the procurement of sports shirts is increasing from some loyal clients. So began to try to produce these sports shirts.

  • In 1992, PT Deltacipta Saranapromosi (DCSP) began, a convection engaged in the production of sportswear, such as: football, volleyball, badminton … etc. At first we do not have own production facilities. The whole process of production stages is done by a third party (vendor). Only material purchases made by DCSP staff as we only just have 3 employees.
  • In 1993, DCSP began to develop and began receiving promotional shirt orders from large companies (B2B). And at this time began to have production facilities, such as: a workshop area of ​​200 sqm which can only be used for cutting and sewing. While printing and embroidery are still done by third parties.
  • In 1993-1997, DCSP began producing the entire process of production activities. Starting from purchasing materials, cutting, printing, sewing, finishing and delivery to the clients. DCSP is increasingly growing rapidly.
  • And In 1997-2002, in line with the climate of Indonesia’s economic growth that was increasingly growing and developing. DCSP made a decision to add more facilities and production capacity to increase efficiency and accelerate production. By starting to replace manual / human processes into a process of mechanization by holding cutting machines, pattern machines, printing machines, embroidery machines and expanding the production area to 2000 sqm.

Now, PT Deltacipta Saranapromosi has become a pioneer for shirt production for promotions or large scale events. And become one of the best quality clothing manufacturers in South Jakarta.

DCSP has always been committed to always keep abreast of printing and sewing technology. And to support the activities of small and medium enterprises that are currently developing (Online business), DCSP opens a new division to serve entrepreneurs or start ups who want to create a fashion brand under PRM Workshop.

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Just show your design, we can produce it.